Monday, October 16, 2006 linked sites

I'm making a new post for this since I figured out what to do with this information instead of just dumping it into my blog.

I doubt this is a complete list. In fact, it's still in the works. It's probably close, though. All of these sites link up to and all are used in comment spam and on splogs. I've got 104 addresses now. Holy crap.

The information is available in two formats from Google docs:
Enjoy. Or try to.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

More sites

The list is now 104. Ug. OK, that's over 100. Time to poke at that other group...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New splog user names

Most of these were registered within the past week and I located them with one of my magic splog phrases in my last post about splog user names. Note that user names posted previously are also in use.
  • goldwows
  • wowgold001
  • wowgold938
  • wowgold0930
  • wowgold930

Saturday, September 23, 2006

And sometimes, there are bad affiliates

Back when I started looking at splogs, I ran into some with banners linking to I stupidly assumed that they were responsible for the splogs, but looking closer, I determined it's actually an effort by an individual who likes splogging and link stuffing who also happens to be in the affiliate program.

Just making this post because I had an entry about splogs back when I first made this but then I couldn't find evidence of them spamming elsewhere, so I saved it as a draft until I could figure out what that was about. Well, that mystery is solved.

I also feel like mentioning that when this blog is quiet, I've usually found some other spamdexers to play with. I don't think the wowgold sub-set of spammers is more important than any others; I've just found that looking for them helps lead me to other spam. That and I just happen to find them annoying if only for the annoying keyword style comments that contain such randomness as "wowgold." That's usually in there along with "wow gold" but it's still there.

And I'm yammering...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More splog user names

Yep, time for the sploggers to start over. I'm going to randomly keep adding to this list but since these are new names, I'm making it a new one. Note that once again, I'm hardly saying that all users who use these names are spammers. I've just run into several that are. There are other user names in use by this particular type of spammer as well, but I only list those that I have found on multiple networks.
  • buygold
  • buygolds
  • buywowgold3
  • cheapgold
  • goldwow
  • goodwow
  • lovewows
  • wow01gold
  • wow-game
  • wowgamegold
  • wowgold001
  • wowgold002
  • wowgoldes
  • wowhello
"lovewows?" "buygolds?" Holy cow, these spammers are so creative! Here's a magic splog phrase! And another!

Friday, September 15, 2006

This is where things get really fun

For the record, is not to be mistaken with, which does not spam and has been around a while. I once thought they spammed, but then I figured out that the name was just being invoked to bring a sound of legitimacy to something else.

I completely forgot about them until I remembered's really bizarre "Affiliate Program" and it hit me that probably ripped it off of That seems to be the case; the only difference is a quick find and replace change. In addition, they also throw in things like "IGE® Ltd." when there clearly is no link between them. This is pretty easy to determine since the banner ad on doesn't even make sense and is in fact ripped off another site, and it's a site that spams.

I'm reporting for AdSense abuse as well as to because of the stolen content. I'm not sure what they can do about it, but I think they can do better than I can. :P

I'm not personally taking a stance on buying game objects with real money. Just spam. Spam always sucks.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Using Technorati to find splogs

Technorati searches nothing but blogs and thus it's a good way to find splogs. It's especially easy if several splogs include the same illogical text. In this case, you have to search for blog articles as opposed to titles, as in this example which turns up all kinds of spam. Note the repeated user names and the sign up dates. Or better yet...

Use the example to build weird graphs and see how they all registered within a very short time frame.

Some of these spammers

I try to be open to the possibility that some sites I report might actually have rogue "associates" and look into the possibility of contacting them in that event, but it gets pretty unbelievable sometimes. is one of the sites that I suspect is somewhere at the top of a spamdex plot and they do in fact have an associate program listed. The page ends with this note:

IGEWOWGOLD highly discourages spamming and may choose to terminate an affiliate account if a complaint is lodged.

Uh-huh...go on right ahead and keep saying that. Never mind the pages and pages of badly formatted comment spam I turned up for that address and the splogs.